For our 16th Anniversary Community Contest, RECONSTRUCT your favorite classic art masterpiece. Let us connect through these everlasting artworks. Break the boundary and free your imagination!


Pick your favorite classic masterpiece artwork, reinterpret it in a brand new perspective. No matter how many times the artwork has been analyzed, it is your understanding that matters!


Remake the masterpiece with your unique style and technique. Pixelated Mona Lisa, add a hint of cyberpunk to The Scream, or reconstruct The Starry Night. Make it your one-of-a-kind artwork.



Aug. 3rd - Sep. 30th, 2021 (UTC)


Oct. 1st - Oct. 18th(UTC)


Oct. 19th(UTC)


Grand Prize ( 2 winners )

> Upcoming Revolutionary Product

Loaded with our newest chip for superb stylus performance and greatly enhance the drawing experience. It will be launched on August 16th.

> $300 USD cash prize

Runner-Up Prize ( 3 winners )

> Artist 12 Pro Display

> $100 USD cash prize

Third Prize ( 5 winners )

Deco Pro SW


Valentina Remenar

I'm a professional illustrator, surrealist and concept artists who enjoys to create my own stories and brings my own characters to life through art whenever I find some free time. Though most of the time I work as a freelance artist and I did work for various clients such as Wizards of the Coast, Valve, Hasbro, Marvel, Riot Games, Penguin Random House and more.


For the past four years Bryn has been working as a freelance illustrator alongside creating his own IPs. Bryn's clients include Audible, Island Records, and QCODE Media, his artbooks are published by Andrews McMeel.


I am awanqi, a freelance illustrator who has been drawing digitally for over 8 years. I've done work in publishing and comics, and have been featured in publications such as Imagine FX, 3dtotal Publishing, Society of Illustrators, and 3x3 International Illustration Show.


Hello! I draw comics like Hearts for Sale and Lost Nightmare and Demon Studies. I'm currently working on Morgana and Oz.


A. Redraw the World-Famous Art Masterpiece, when submitting the entry, please state the Art Masterpiece and author you choose in the description of the entry.

B.You must upload your work with a short description to before 23:59 Sep. 30th, (UTC).You must register for an account and be signed in to submit an entry. For that, you have to register here. Entries that are not published on the site are not subject to judging in the contest.

C. Go to: Xfans Community>> Activity>> Ongoing>> Upload Entry to submit your entry.

D. There are no requirements for either height or width of the artwork, just make sure the file is within 5MB max. Once your work is approved (24h approx.) your entry will be shown on the contest's page.

E. You are not limited to one entry per person and may submit as many as you'd like.

F. Any drawing style is accepted, and It can be presented in either digital or traditional art (preferably scanned).

G.The redraw artwork must be original. Copied pictures are not allowed. Any sensitive content is not allowed.

H.The resolution of the participant's submission should be 300 DPI or more.

XP-PEN encourages you to share the entries to Instagram Twitter or other platforms to get higher feedback.

By submitting an entry to this contest, the applicant is deemed to have agreed to the provisions of this contest.


A. Entrant grants XP-PEN to share (with credit) the submission in social media and any other promotional activities it chooses.

B. Please must state the World-Famous Art Masterpiece you choose to redraw in the description and clarify the original author. If there is any work submitted is suspected of plagiarism or copyright infringement, they will be disqualified from the contest instantly.

C. The artist retains all copyrights to their artwork without exception.

D. By winning the contest, your works will belong to both you and XP-PEN. You grant us a non-exclusive perpetual license to use your work for commercial purposes, including posting the artwork on the XP-PEN online platforms for viewing by the public (Including XP-PEN official website, XP-PEN official online stores, XP-PEN Amazon stores, etc.), adding the drawing in business cards, brochures, posts, picture books for advertising and promotion purpose; also on printed materials at exhibition booths or retail outlets, etc.

E. The established 72hs for the announcement of the winners will allow people to know them and check if they don't comply with any stated rules in the contest bases. If we find out and confirm that any of the winners did not follow any of these bases, the status of "winner" will be removed from them.

F. Prior to submitting artwork, all the participants are responsible for carefully reading and understanding the terms and conditions and fully agreed before taking part in the contest.

By submitting an entry to this contest, the applicant is deemed to have agreed to the provisions of this contest.



How to upload the submissions on XP-PEN official website?


Go to: Xfans Community>> Activity>> Ongoing>> Upload Entry to submit your entry. Please note: When submitting the entry, you need to state the Art Masterpiece you choose to redraw and its author in the description of the entry.


Does there have any shipping restrictions?


We don't have the shipping restriction this time, it will be an international drawing contest!


Can I submit multiple artworks?


No Limit to Entries.


Is there any age restriction?


No. You are welcome to join the challenge regardless of your age.


How to choose the Art Masterpiece?


It's your choice to pick an art masterpiece to redraw. Feel free to choose the one that you found inspiring.


I still have some other questions to consult, how can I contact you?


Good luck and enjoy it.